Wext Neek On What’s Icing

We’re trying something new this week and giving you a little insight into what’s in store for the coming days! The offseason can get a little slow, so we thought it might bring everyone a little bit of release to have something to munch on while we wait for the season to start.

So, with no further ado, here are some cool headlines you can expect:

1. Favorite NHL Snacks

We know, we know. Who in their right mind would take nutritional advice from Molly “I Literally Only Eat White-Cheddar Cheez-Its” Hall and Ella “A Meal Can Be Just Two Podcasters And Some Beer” West?

We’ll be checking in with Stars player Jason Demers for his input on his favorite box lunches.

2. Art and the NHL

Jamie Benn agreed to show us some of his favorite Keorgia O’Geeffe paintings. (Did I spell that right?) That guy has great taste in art.

3. Decoding NHL Systems

We talk a lot about hockey systems on the podcast, and it has occurred to us that maybe not all our listeners know what we mean when we say a team is using a “forechecking system” or “hybrid trapping formations” or “getting to the o-zone.” The thing to remember in all of these is surprisingly simple: use your mouth!

Just remember that old What’s Icing adage: “Good communication leads to standing ovations.”

4. Hey, Macarena! Understanding Referee Signals

What sends a player to the box? What does he do in the box, once he gets there? We’ll go through various offenses that might get a mouthy player to the box–and what might keep someone from ever entering the box. Jamie Benn, for example, isn’t afraid to throw down on the ice, but he tends to keep a stiff upper lip. This often keeps him out of the box. As a counter-example, Jason Demers’ smart mouth often lands him right in the thick of it!

5. D-Man, Oh Man!

We celebrate our current favorite defenseman, Jason Demers! He’s not on a team either one of us is really rooting for, we just like him. No reason.


  1. This is pure gold. Well done.

  2. *dies laughing* Thank you, thank you, this is delightful.

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