The Goaltenders’ Union by Greg Oliver and Richard Kamchen

As you probably already know, goalies. I like to think of goalies as The Underdog in every ABC Family movie about gangs of kids in the 60s making themselves into a family and going to their first Makeout Parties. Alternatively, goalies are every dog in every movie about A Young Man Spending A Summer At The Beach. You know that dog. It’s probably a labrador. He probably found it in the woods. But despite everyone being mean to it, and, JUST AS AN EXAMPLE, shouting mean and completely unnecessary–not to mention uNCREATIVE–chants at it, this dog ultimately saves the life of the Young Man in the climax of the movie, when it is raining and he’s for some reason in a river.

What was I saying? Oh, right. CHERISH YOUR GOALIE.

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