Wait Wait What’s Icing? Episode 34

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This week, friend of the podcast The Blackhawks Fairy makes an appearance to bring us her hockey blessings and be rude about Corey Perry. We also talk NWHL, the CWHL, Hilary Knight and, as naturally follows, the ills of global capitalism. To conclude, we share some of our playoff superstitions, predictions, and anxieties, and The Blackhawks Fairy asks the question: is there any way that Mollyhall will ever love the Blackhawks? (No.)

Also, Ella made the mistake of giving Mollyhall the reigns on editing this week, so you can all be treated to her “Rocky, but if Rocky was a Bullfighter” impression, and 4 straight minutes of Ella ranting furiously about how horoscopes aren’t real.
Happy playoffs, everybody. May the puck be with you.

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