The Kid by Shawna Richer (Will Ruin Your Life)

RUIN IT! I am now a husk of a person. I live in a cave in the Maritimes where I catch fish with my bare hands and eat them raw. I no longer speak to humans. I communicate using a series of dance moves and conveying the raw emotion that I feel with broken braying sounds. I AM A BROKEN WOMAN. ALL I DO IS PAINT WATERCOLORS OF MY OWN FEET.


  1. First, A+ video, will watch again. You continue to be an absolute delight.

    Second, I’m pretty stoked about all these book reviews you’re doing, so thank you thank you THANK YOU. I’m on a mission to read a lot about hockey and these will make my decisions about what to read next wonderfully simple. I’m in the middle of The Game right now, but you’ve convinced me that The Kid must be next. My life is pretty easily ruined by emotional things, and everything about this book would interest me even if I *wasn’t* a Pens fan. So I’m doomed, but I’m really looking forward to it

  2. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU. This book is going to make you rend your clothes and forsake society and you’d going to love EVERY WORD OF IT.


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